Vacuum chambers, vacuum valves and fittings

Vacuum chambers

FRAKO-TERM supplies customized vacuum chambers in almost any shape, diferent materials and numbers of connections. Our biggest advantage is the ability to deliver large-sized chambers with a diameter of over 5 meters and a length of more than 15 meters.

Each chamber performed by us is precisely measured and tested with helium leak detector. We do installations according to customer projects but we also have our own design office which can support the customer.

Vacuum valves and fittings

Our company has been supplying proven and safe components and vacuum fittings for years, including vacuum valves, vacuum couplings, vacuum flanges, vacuum rings, centering rings, vacuum clamps, vacuum adapters, vacuum pumps, etc.

We also offer individual HV and UHV solutions. As a result, we help our customers create higher-end processes and lower operating costs by using high-quality materials.


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