Technical gases are very widely used in the industry, also in such an advanced industry as superconductivity. Despite the increasing use of cryogenics in some applications, liquid Hel is irreplaceable. It works great in such devices as MRI, NMR and MEG.
For the needs of our applications we have developed many installations that use liquid helium as a refrigerant. Our devices not only liquefy Hel but also allow it to be cleaned and recovered for reuse. In our offer are devices with a capacity range from 15L / d to 200L / h.

We also make cooling systems for specific applications.
Helium liquefier
TypeCompact mobile MobileStationary
Liquefaction rate20 l/d-40 l/d36 l/d-60 l/d72 l/d-200 l/d
Weight>330 kg>1000 kg>1600 kg
Cool down time<4 h<4 h <4 h
Number of coldheads(1-2)(2-3)(4-10)
Cooling typeWaterWaterWater
Power Consumption >6.6 kW>14 kW>28 kW
Helium purity requirement>99.999%>99.999%>99.999%
Dewar (optional)150 l - 200 l250 l500 l - 1000 l
Skraplarki helowe
TypKompaktowe mobilne, mobilne, stacjonarne
Wydajność skraplania15 l/d - 200 l/d
Czas schładzania<4 h
Liczba głowic chłodzących(1-10)
Chłodzenie sprężarkiWoda
Wymagana czystość helu>99.999%
Dewar (opcjonalnie)150 l - 1000 l


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