Sensors are designed for routine cryogenic temperature measurements, especially in the presence of high magnetic fields what is possible due to their low magnetic field error. They are enclosed in a ceramic casing


TVO resistance sensors have many advantages, including:

> High long-term calibration stability
> High measurement resolution (> 400 Ω / K)
> Minimal influence of magnetic field and radiation on measurement
> Wide measuring range from 3.8 K to 300 K

resistance dependence to temperature for TVO sensors

The sensors are calibrated by the comparative method which is based on measuring voltages of the sensor under calibration and the reference germanium thermometer. All measurements are computer-controlled and made using the four-wire sensing technique to eliminate the effects of the resistance of wires. What distinguishes our product is the innovative measurement method, which allows to collect the temperature characteristic of sensors throughout the whole calibration range, giving a resolution of less than 40 mK.

TVO sensors parameters

Sensors parameters
Operating range3.8 K - 300 K
ThermalAbout 1ms
Resistance in 300K850 Ω - 1000 Ω
Resistance 3.8 K2800 Ω - 4500 Ω
Stability<0.5%/10 years
Dimensions1.3 mm x 2.5 mm x 8 mm
Influence of the presence of magnetic field on the measurement
Temperature, KMagnetic induction, TMeasurement accuracy ΔT/T, %
Uncertainties of measurements included in calibration certificates have been evaluated in compliance with EA-4/02 M:2013.

It is possible to produce the sensor housings according to customer's requirements or design.


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