Low-voltage switchgears



  • technical solution concept prepared on the basis of preliminary customer guidelines
  • optimisation in terms of customer needs, functionality and reliability


  • documentation in accordance with international standards IEC, DIN, GOST
  • design using EPLAN or SEE Electrical software
  • development of circuit diagrams, topolgoy of communication networks
  • providing views of mounting plates and facades of equipment
  • generating a list of: bill ofmaterials, wires, terminal strips, PLC channels etc.
  • Intelligent PDF


  • assembly according to Frako-Term’s or Client’s documentation
  • control of completeness and compliance with the specification
  • verification of compliance with the technical documentation
  • tests and measurements
  • functional tests
  • shipment and delivery
  • on-site installation
  • acceptance and testing with the Customer
  • handover of as-built documentation


  • inspections of circuit breakers and protections - LV and MV switchgears,
  • inspections and measurements of MV/LV transformers,
  • inspections and measurements of capacitor batteries,
  • inspections and tests of control systems,
  • thermovision measurements,
  • power quality measurements,
  • periodic measurements of electrical installations.
  • Projektowanie rozdzielnicy niskiego napięcia
  • Rozdzielnice niskiego napięcia. Gotowe szafy
  • Realizacja projektu rozdzielnicy niskiego napięcia
  • Sterownik rozdzielnicy n.N

We offer

  • team of engineers, constructors, electrical fitters
  • service for own products and other manufacturers
  • full range of energy distribution system design

We do

  • assembly of LV and MV switchgears of renowned manufacturers together with acceptance tests
  • starting up LV and MV switchgears with automation tests and checking control and signaling systems
  • extensions and upgrades of LV and MV switchgears
  • maintenance, diagnostics and servicing of electrical power equipment
  • design and installation of bus bars from renowned manufacturers

Technical characteristics:

We offer modular switchgears providing great flexibility in the selection of equipment and wide application possibilities. The design solutions comply with the current world standards. Separated equipment, bus bar and cable compartment sallow to minimize the effects of short circuits. Our switchgears have full TTA  tests carried out in accordance with IEC 60439-1.


Technical parameters
Rated insulation voltage Ui1000 V
Rated operating voltage UeUp to 1000 V
Rated frequency50 Hz
Rated short-time withstand current IcwUp to 120 kA
Rated peak withstand current IpkUp to 264 kA
Dielectric strengthUp to 3.5 kV
Internal form of separationForm 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b i Form 4, type 1-7
Busbar systems225, 800, 2000 i 7000
Supply systemsTN-C, TN-S, TN-C-S, TT i IT
Multi drawer systemUp to 630 A,
Icc do 120 kA
Construction materials (frame, profiles, doors, front/side/back panels, top and bottom plates, mounting compartments)Electro-galvanized / iron-phosphated steel plate, powder lacquered, RAL7035
Busbar materialCopper
Degree of protectionUp to IP54
ColourFactory default: RAL 7035, powder lacquered 60-80 μm (any colour on request)
Electro-magnetic compatibilityEMC environment 1,2
Vibration test2 G in frequency area 2.5-500 Hz in three directions
Shock test30 G in 12.5 ms in six directions
Seismic testEarthquake test carried out with biaxial horizontal and
vertical multi-frequency movements
Arcing testIEC/TR 61641 as well as to AS/NZS 3439.1
Surface treatmentClass C2 high, according to ISO 12944