SMES - Superconducting Energy Storage

How SMES works?

SMES - superconducting energy storage. Is an innovative application of superconducting technology to store energy in a magnetic field.

The principle of SMES is to use a superconductor which does not generate losses in the system. The current flowing in the coil generates a magnetic field and the field itself is a form of energy that is stored.

Currently, there are many technologies that allow storing energy, such as flywheels, fuel cells, capacitors or large pump-rail power plants. All these technologies are used in various fields and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Complete SMES system

SMES is a superconducting device, which in advance implies the need to use cooling equipment. Therefore, the functional SMES system consists of:

  1. Superconductive coil
  2. Cryostat and vacuum system
  3. Cooling system
  4. Energy conversion system
  5. Control unit

SMES features

The most important feature of SMES is the charging and discharging time of the system for this reason SMES are currently used in pulse systems. This makes it possible to use these energy stores in several industrial areas such as:

  • improving the stability of transmission lines - over long distances of energy transmission it is necessary to use additional auxiliary lines in order to minimize the effects of power oscillation.
  • improving energy quality - helps to maintain stable power supply when voltage drops or suddenly increases.
  • balancing the additional charge - allows for maintaining static operation of the energy source at times of lower and higher energy demand

Our SMES is mainly used to improve energy stability and we are ready to create a customized design for our client. We make SMESs using a low temperature superconductor (LTS) and we are able to supply all necessary components. An additional advantage of SMESs is their small dimensions, which eliminates the need to prepare special infrastructure for the device.



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