MTS - Medium temperature superconductor

Medium temperature superconductor


MgB2 is a intermetallic superconductor classified as a medium temperature superconductor. Despite being a intermetallic superconductor, it can be manufactured in wire form and can be used in most applications at higher temperatures, thus enable conduction cooling for large magnet coils in the 4-30K range.

Coils can be “react and wind” or “wind and react”. The critical transition temperature range varies from 36-39K based on the amount of carbon doping. Our partner, Hyper Tech (USA), specializes in the production of MgB2 and MgB2 based devices. We are also working closely with UNIPRESS (Institute of High Pressure Physics) on modification of the MgB2 parameters and quality control.

Table1. Types of available products based on filament count, plus superconducting and copper percentages

A typical wire diameter is 0.83mm but depending on customer needs we can be supplied in diameters between 0.5-1.5 mm. Wires can be produced with a round or rectangular profile. Typical insulation on MgB2 superconductor wire is braided S-glass insulation. MgB2 wires vary in their filament count, percent superconducting fill factor and copper percentage in the wire structure.

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Table2. The critical current values for given magnetic fields and temperature values (MgB2)
Pic 1. Plot of the critical current values as function of magnetic field for different temperatures (MgB2)