HTS - High Temperature Superconductor

High Temperature Superconductor


In our offer we would like to introduce High-Temperature Superconductors (HTS). The second generation (2G) HTSes are ceramic materials that is able to conduct higher current in relatively small current tapes. Comparing against other superconductors, the biggest advantage of such materials is their critical temperature, which allows the use of cheap and common liquid nitrogen LN2 as cryogenic agent.

We can supply 2G REBCO superconductors provided by Shanghai Superconductors Technology Co., Ltd. The superconducting tapes have excellent performance in both low and high temperatures. The HTSes found amazing application in coil winding, which demonstrated improved mechanical strength if laminated and at the same time performed extremely low current attenuation.

Customizable ParametersReference Values
Substrate Thickness30 or 50 µm
Width2-10 mm
Piece LengthUp to 300 m
Copper StabilizerSurround coating, 5-35 µm per side
Lamination MaterialCopper / Stainless Steel
Lamination Thickness50-125 µm per side (25 µm increment)
OthersTailored to specificrequirements
Data provided by Shanghai Superconductors Technology Co., Ltd

We can offer many variations of REBCO tapes that differ in width, thickness and post processing requirements. For more information please contact us. Information provided in table below can give overview of our product.


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