Turbomolecular pumps

A turbomolecular pump is a multistage arial flow turbine in which high speed rotating blades provide compression by increasing the probability of gas moving in the pumping direction. The turbomolecular pump is optimised for molecular flow conditions and requires a suitably sized backing pump to exhaust to atmosphere.

EXT Turbomolecular pump

EXT Turbomolecular Pump

The range of products includes the EXT75DX compound turbomolecular pumps that combine the proven technology of a ceramic mechanical lower bearing, a dry permanent magnetic upper bearing and holweck drag stage with the added convenience of an on board controller and a 24 V d.c. motor.

EXT turbomolecular pump can get peak pumping speed from 150m3h-1 to 240 m3h-1 and compression ratio to 1 × 10-11 mbar.

Features and Benefits
  • Compact design with high performance for efficient systemisation
  • Permanent magnetic upper bearing and oil lubricated bottom bearing for reliable running
  • Compatible with Edwards TAG and TIC turbo and instrument controller meaning you can add up to 3 vacuum gauges without the need of an additional gauge controller
  • RoHS compliant and CSA/UL approved
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Electron microscopy
  • Research and development
  • High energy physics
  • Industrial

nEXT Turbomolecular pumps

nEXT Turbomolecular pumps

The nEXT is a hybrid bearing compound turbomolecular pump. nEXT pumps combine our propen bearing technology (oil lubricated ceramic lower bearing with dry permanent magnetic upper bearing), an improved rotor design with a new molecular drag stage to deliver improved pumping speed and compression ratios, and user serviceability.

They feature 24 V to 48 V d.c. sensor less motors with a built in drive that is fully compatible with our range of TAG and TIC controllers.

nEXT turbomolecular pumps can get peak pumping speed from 160 m3h-1 to 1400 m3h-1 and ultimate vacuum to 1 x 10-11 mbar.

Features and Benefits
  • Value for money: exceptional pumping speeds and compression ratios
  • No unplanned downtime: field proven reliability In the most demanding environments
  • Easy integration: standard fit in many scientific instruments
  • Reliability for peace of mind: over 200,000 turbomolecular pumps installed
  • Low cost of ownership: end user serviceable
  • R&D: chamber evacuation, coating systems, turbomolecular pump systems
  • High Energy Physics: beam lines, accelerators, mobile pump carts, turbomolecular pump backing, laser evacuation, medical systems
  • Mass Spectrometry: GCMS, LCMS, ICPMS, MALDI, inorganic MS, RGA, surface science, leak detectors
  • Electron microscopy: TEM, SEM, EPMA, sample prep benches
  • Industrial: glove boxes, coating systems, XRD/XRF systems, lamp evacuation

STP magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps

Pompa próżniowa turbomolekularna - model STP

The STP magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps are the first choice for high-up time, hydrocarbon free pumping. The multi-axis magnetic bearing system is used to suspend the rotor during operation, ensuring there is no risk of contamination while minimising vibration, noise and maintenance requirements.

They offer class leading pumping performance demonstrating exceptional levels of reliability, and are widely accepted in the market with the installed base of over 140,000 units worldwide.

STP magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps can get peak pumping speed from 1 080 m3h-1 to 15 480 m3h-1 and ultimate vacuum to 1 x 10-9 mbar.

Features and Benefits
  • Advanced material and designs provide class leading performance in all classes
  • Automatic Balancing System (ABS) and Automatic Vibration Reduction (AVR) offer very low noise and vibration
  • Magnetic bearing system will allow installation in any angle.
  • Field proven reliability
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Wide range of remote signal available- I/O Remote, RS232, RS485, Profibus (optional)
  • Metal/Oxide/Silicon Etch
  • Ion Implant
  • Film deposition CVD
  • Metrology and analytical instruments
  • Load lock and transfer chambers
  • PVD coating system
  • R&D
  • Heat treatment

Turbomolecular pumping stations

Turbomolecular pumping stations has been developed to provide a comprehensive vacuum solution with the latest technological advances for easy installation and operation. All Edwards turbomolecular pumping stations come with a TIC turbo and instrument controller, enabling system start/stop from the control panel and easy integration of Edwards active gauges.

For pumping speeds from 170 m3h-1 to 300 m3h-1 we offer our trusted nEXT85H pump with a choice of various wet and dry backing pumps and a TIC100. For pumping speeds of 860 m3h-1 to 1 440 m3h-1 the turbo pumping stations are based on our nEXT pumps offering the additional flexibility of end-user serviceability plus a choice of backing pumps and a turbo and instrument TIC200.

Features and Benefits
  • Base plate includes rubber feet and cut-outs in the sides for manual handling, giving a compact low profile but stable design that can’t be knocked over
  • All metal frame means rugged design that can take abuse without cracking or breaking
  • E2M 1.5 or XDD1 high capacity backing pumps giving the choice between an oil sealed pump or a totally dry diaphragm pump
  • Integrated air cooler acts to cool internal power supply and pump/controller for quiet operation avoiding multiple fans