Semiconductor dry pumps

Greener and more reliable with a lower cost of ownership. Our innovative range of dry pumps brings you cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your semiconductor and electronics manufacturing environment. Each range has been specifically designed to bring you advantages in environmental performance, reliability in harsh conditions and agility in light duty applications.

iXM low energy dry pumps

iXM series, the new global benchmark in vacuum innovation, are the low energy dry pumps that bring real process improvements and cost benefits to the most critical of applications.

iXM is a new range of dry pumps built for green manufacturing; the energy efficient roots mechanism Has been developed to dramatically reduce input power to 1.3 kW, 60% lower than the previous generation of dry pump, reducing environmental impact and lowering cost of ownership.

iXM low energy dry pumps can get peak pumping speed from 200 m3h-1 to 28 600 m3h-1 and ultimate vacuum from 1 mbar to 0,003 mbar.

Features and benefits
  • Exceptionally low power input at only 1.3 kW for 1200 class pump
  • Up to 60% less power compared to alternative dry pumps
  • Green Mode enabled for power and nitro gen savings while idle
  • 4x lower corrosion rate compared to previous generation product
  • Exceptional powder handling
  • 30% increased starting torque compared to iGX pumps
  • Whisper quiet at only 58 dB(A)
  • 34% smaller footprint compared to alternative dry pumps