Mechanical Booster Pumps

Edwards provides a wide range of mechanical booster pumps to suit all the requirements of Industrial and Chemical processes. Mechanical Booster range gives our customers reassurance and peace of mind thanks to its large installed base, both in Industrial and Chemical markets.

EH Mechanical Booster Pumps

Pompa mechaniczna Booster - EH

The EH mechanical booster pumps feature the unique hydrokinetic drive, providing an efficient Power transmission with benefits in economy, performance and compactness.

The hydrokinetic drive provides pump down times cut by 50%, when compared with direct drive pumps, no bypass lines or pressure switches required, universal voltage motors, reduced capital and operating costs, air cooled motors- with water cooled options, and quiet, minimum vibration.

The EH mechanical booster pumps, based on the simple Roots principle, remain the favorite pumps for applications where high pumping speeds over 3000 m3h‑1 are required in the pressure region of 0.01 mbar to 50 mbar.

Features and Benefits
  • Performance – fast pump down time due to unique hydrokinetic drive
  • Increased productivity – faster pump down time
  • More performance for less – larger displacement than equivalent competitor models.
  • Stable operations – optimised clearances and after coolers
  • Simplicity – Continuous operation at all pressures
  • Simple installation – no need for pressure switches, bypass lines or variable frequency drives
  • Reliability – automatic overload protection, reliable shaft seal design
  • Safe operation – automatic overload protection
  • Robust operation even for harsh duties – proven shaft seal design to protect pumping mechanism and gearbox from cross-contamination
  • High uptime and low maintenance – internal evacuation of gearboxes extends shaft seal life.
  • Reassurance
  • Peace of mind – industry proven with large installed base
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Steel degassing
  • Thin film coating
  • Industrial freeze drying
  • Semiconductor processing

GMB40K Booster pump

GMB40K Booster Pump

The GMB40K is scalable with multiple backing configurations available. Built to global standards IEC and NEMA flange compatibility. ATEX options are also available for use Hazardous or chemical applications.

Innovative modular rotor technology ensures high performance on the smallest footprint and weight. This ensures the highest degree of flexibility when designing large vacuum systems. The GMB40K is a robust pump designed for harsh applications. The innovative modular rotor design is of high strength alloy-steel shafts with lightweight rotor lobes.

GMB40K booster pump can get peak pumping speed to 30 000 m3h-1 and ultimate vacuum to 0,01 mbar.

Features and Benefits
  • Flexible with multiple systemisation options available, the GMB40K is scalable with multiple backing configurations available, built to global standards IEC and NEMA flange compatibility
  • ATEX options are also available for use Hazardous or chemical applications
  • Innovative modular rotor technology ensures high performance on the smallest footprint and weight
  • The GMB40K is a robust pump designed for harsh applications
  • The innovative modular rotor design is of high strength alloy-steel shafts with lightweight rotor lobes
  • Steel degassing
  • Vacuum Metallurgy
  • Low density wind tunnels
  • Space simulation
  • Chemical Process Industries

HV Mechanical Booster pumps

 HV Mechanical Booster Pumps

HV8000 high vacuum mechanical booster has been developed to provide high reliability operation in aggressive environments. With a nominal pumping speed of 7 200 m3h -1 at 50 Hz, it is ideal for large industrial and chemical applications.

HV30000/40000 is a high capacity mechanical booster used in the manufacture and assembly of large industrial vacuum systems. These pumps are backed by Edwards dry pumps or mechanical booster pumps. This range of high capacity booster pumps is designed to operate reliably for long periods with no need for maintenance.

HV mechanical booster pumps can get peak pumping speed to 7 200 m3h -1 and ultimate vacuum to 1,5 x 10-4 mbar.

The HV pumps can be fitted with an inverter to allow them to be started at atmospheric pressure, at the same time as the dry pumps.

Features and Benefits
  • Stable process for consistent output – suitable for continuous operation over wide pressure ranges on heavy duty large scale applications
  • No unplanned downtime – high performance water Cooley mechanical shaft seal, large diameter shaft and large helical gears
  • Easy integration and safe – optional water cooled Exhaust gas after cooler, shaft seal safety purge, temperature monitoring and VFD available
  • Configured to your needs – can be supplied with standard motor or without motor to allow a local motor to be fitted. Horizontal or vertical flow to suit application and system design
  • Steel degassing
  • Metallurgy
  • Coating
  • Process engineering industries

STOKES 6” Mechanical Booster pumps

Pompa mechaniczna Booster - STOKES6

Stokes 6” series mechanical boosters are designed to be used in conjunction with rotary piston, dry vacuum, rotary vane, liquid ring or on the inlet of the backing pump to create a compact integrated package to increase pumping speed at working pressures and reduce the pump down time significantly.

 Stokes 6” series mechanical boosters can get peak pumping speed from 1589 m3h-1 to 4420 m3h-1 and max pressure differential from 506 mbar to 333 mbar.

Features and Benefits
  • Increased lifetime, reliability and simple to use: large diameter shafts, ring feeder keyless gear locking system and dynamically balanced impellers
  • Easy to maintain: single mechanical seal
  • Increased productivity: 5 seal design for optima process protection
  • Configured for your needs: bare shaft or direct drive, 1800-3600 rpm, vertical or horizontal gas flow orientation with by-pass versions available
  • Simple to service: simple maintenance requirements result in long term reliability
  • Automotive
  • Chemical processing
  • Heat treatment
  • Leak detection
  • Metallurgy
  • PET processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Thermal processing
  • Transformer drying and cable fluid conditioning
  • Vacuum coating
  • Vacuum melting

pXH Mechanical Booster pumps

Pompa mechaniczna Booster - pXH

The pXH pumps represent the new generation of large mechanical boosters providing high pumping capacity with reduced footprint. Available in sizes from 6965 m3h-1 to 8358 m3h-1 displacement, are packaged as separate pumps with inverter driven controls. Designed to withstand harsh processes, they have a field proven reliability from the large installed base.

Features and Benefits
  • Inverter driven control for „Plug and Pump”, flexible operation and automated control of your process
  • Low installation costs
  • Consistent output
  • Designed to withstand harsh industrial applications
  • Robust and reliable
  • R&D/others
  • Drying
  • Coating
  • Steel Degassing
  • Metallurgy