Measurement and Control

Edwards offers a wide choice of vacuum measurement and control products – from dial gauges to microprocessor based gauge controllers. Within each product range, there is a family of models designed to meet the widest user specification.

All of our gauge heads are set up for dry nitrogen; the set up for dry air is the same. If you use thermal conductivity or ionisation gauges with gases rother than nitrogen or air, you may need to apply a gas correction factor for an accurate indication of your system pressure.

The Edwards active range of gauges can operate as stand-alone pressure transducers requiring only a simple power supply and providing a 2 to 10V analogue output. If you need a complete vacuum measuring and display system, we also offer a range of controllers and displays. Our displays and controllers are designer for maximum flexibility and ease of use. The range is suitable for bench-top or panel mounting and options include RS232 interfacing.