Extruder Degassing Module

System EXDM EDWARDS jest modułowym rozwiązaniem do recyklingu i przetwarzania tworzyw sztucznych. Ekstruder EDWARDS składa się z kłowych suchych pomp próżniowych EDC Edwards - tak, aby tolerować wiele rozruchów i zatrzymań bez wpływu na wydajność procesu.

The EXDM EDWARDS system is a modular solution for recycling and processing plastics. The EDWARDS extruder consists of EDC Edwards claw dry vacuum pumps to tolerate multiple starts and stops without affecting process efficiency. The EXDM degassing system does not generate waste water or oil. The advantage of the process is that it is free of corrosion. The plastic processing extruder system is capable of handling solids and liquids, thus providing a reliable vacuum with minimal environmental impact.


  • Plastics, recycling
  • Production of resin based on polymers and biofuels
  • Degassing
  • Vacuum forming
  • EPS foam production
The EDWARDS degassing extruder comes in three versions:

-EDC 065 V: with an operating pressure of 50 mbar(a) and a maximum pumping speed of 67 m³/h
-EDC 150 V: with 50 mbar(a) operating pressure and maximum pumping speed of 152 m³/h
-EDC 300 V: with an operating pressure of 140 mbar(a) and a maximum pumping speed of 295 m³/h