Leak detection

Leakage tests

One of the most important feature of the vacuum system is the tightness of all components so that the system can work properly and achieve the required parameters for a given vacuum process. But not always, all elements are perfectly tight, so our company is concerned with determining the level and location of leakage of a particular system by helium detection.

To find leaks our company offers customer access or research in our laboratory, thanks to the experience and efficiency of our teams we are able to quickly determine the location and level of leaks.

Detektor próżniowy ELD na wózku transportowym

Checking the tightness of the tested systems is based on the use of a helium detector that can be used in various ways. In the case of vacuum systems, the helium detector is connected directly to the test system in which the vacuum is produced. From the outside of the system - to all potentially leaking elements of the system - helium is sprayed. If at any point the helium enters the vacuum system it is signaled by a helium detector.

This method allows you to determine the location of the leak and its intensity. In other cases, filling the test system or object with helium is used, and then "sniffing" outwardly the defective components with the help of a probe.


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