LTS - Low Temperature Superconductor

Low Temperature Superconductor


Niobium-tin superconductors (Nb3Sn)are known for their great performancein high magnetic fields. It is a great alternative to NbTi when magnetic fields above 10 tesla are needed. Above 10 tesla, Nb3Sn is less expensive than NbTi on a $/kA-m basis.

Nb3Sn has a transition temperature of 17K. Our partner Hyper Tech (USA), specializes in the production of Nb3Sn wires and Nb3Snbased devices. We are also working closely with UNIPRESS (Institute of High Pressure Physics) on modification of the Nb3Sn parameters and quality control.

Przekrój nadprzewodnika nb3sn

Nb3Sn can be applied in many different applications and thanks to our products, it can be achieved easily. Product is available on demand, and can be customized, accordingly to our clients needs.

. In case of interest please contact us for support with choosing the correct wires. We are always happy to answer your questions.


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