Titanium Sublimation Pumps (TSPs) are often used in combination with ion pumps or independently to remove reactive gases from the vacuum environment. Combined with an Ion pump, the TSP allows for low ultimate pressures in a shorter amount of time. All TSP components are bakeable to 400 ˚C. NEG’s are reactive metals that have been pressed onto solid substrates or sintered into discs. The amount of material used controls the speed and capacity of the NEG pump, but typically ranges from 50 to 3,500 ls-1 of hydrogen. As NEG’s become saturated with gases, they can be reactivated without venting to atmosphere. Their prime advantage is their ability to pump for extender periods without the need for power.


Click here to download the PDF file: Ultra High Vacuum Pumps

Titan300 TVL PCcontroller 200NEG


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