We carry out research, industrial research and development works, but most of all we are also realizing the implementation stage for new technologies.

We can complete all these stages on our own, but we are open to cooperation with all three sides of the process.

  • With specialised research centres and individual experts.
  • With customers of new technologies like entities interested in implementing research results for business purposes.
  • With financial institutions and individual investors willing to earn for innovation.

Science offer

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  • New research subjects. We are looking for interesting topics that can be used as a technological innovation in the perspective.
  • Participation in consortia as a business partner. We are open to proposals of entering into cooperation with research institutions and joint implementation of research projects like also research and implementation projects.
  • Cooperation in the preparation of expert opinions, projects and publications.

Business offer

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  • Research commissioned. Commercial research work carried out on a contract basis, either alone or in research consortia with the participation of institutions and researchers.
  • Collaboration of the research process. Organization of the research process carried out in cooperation with other research units with which the company cooperates.
  • Financing organisation. Consulting in the selection of financing sources both at the research and implementation stage of the project.

Investor offer


  • Venture Capital. We are looking for investors to finance early stage research on the basis of Venture Capital principles..
  • Participation of investors. We offer to you the participation of investors in projects in the implementation phase.. 

Projects currently in progress

  • High-gradient magnetic separation
    • Increasing the efficiency of the combustion process by using the separation of oxygen from the air.
    • Reduction of sulphur emissions using sulphur separation from coal.
    • Separation of waste materials including rare-earth metals.

  • Application of superconductor coils for energy storage.
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    • Power conditioners
    • Energy storage
    • IEM generators

  • Use of superconductor in current limiters
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    • Induction limiters
    • Resistance limiters

  • Other superconductivity applications
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    • Superconductor transformers
    • Superconductor motors
    • High-current electrical switching systems
    • Superconductor wires


  • Control algorithms Slow Control


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