The Edwards HV8000 high vacuum mechanical booster has been developed to provide high reliability operation in aggressive environments. With a nominal pumping speed of 7 200 m3h -1 at 50 Hz, it is ideal for large industrial and chemical applications.  HV30000/40000 is a high capacity mechanical booster used in the manufacture and assembly of large industrial vacuum systems. These pumps are backed by Edwards dry pumps or mechanical booster pumps. This range of high capacity booster pumps is designed to operate reliably for long periods with no need for maintenance. The HV pumps can be fitted with an inverter to allow them to be started at atmospheric pressure, at the same time as the dry pumps. HV mechanical booster pumps can get peak pumping speed to 7 200 m3h -1 and ultimate vacuum to 1,5 x 10-4 mbar.


Click here to download the PDF file: HV Mechanical Booster Pumps

HV Mechanical Booster Pumps


Features and Benefits

  • Stable process for consistent output – suitable for continuous operation over wide pressure ranges on heavy duty large scale applications
  • No unplanned downtime – high performance water Cooley mechanical shaft seal, large diameter shaft and large helical gears
  • Easy integration and safe – optional water cooled Exhaust gas after cooler, shaft seal safety purge, temperature monitoring and VFD available
  • Configured to your needs – can be supplied with standard motor or without motor to allow a local motor to be fitted. Horizontal or vertical flow to suit application and system design


  • Steel degassing
  • Metallurgy
  • Coating
  • Process engineering industries


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