Comprising of LR1A and LR1B models, these are one stage pumps designed for operation cross the vacuum range, LR1A right down to 30 mbara whilst the LR1B pumps are optimised for applications at higher pressures above 300 mbara.

Liquid ring vacuum pump performance is dependent upon the seal liquid properties; the seal liquid must be AT a temperature which is low enough to enable the pump to operate at the desired suction pressure. To minimise the amount of seal water required it is often desirable to recycle the seal water back into the liquid ring pump, to enable this either some of the water must be replaced with fresh cooled water (partial re-circulation) or it should all be cooled by a heat exchanger (total re-circulation). The Edwards liquid ring pump range includes both one and two stage machines enabling optimum efficiency for processes operating across the vacuum range. Pump capacities up to 40,000 m3h-1 are available in one stage and 7,500 m3h-1 in two stage models.


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LR 2StageLRP

Features and Benefits

  • Two stage liquid ring pump – for optimum performance supporting the steam surface condenser outlet pressure
  • Automatic inlet isolating valve controlled by dual pressure transmitters – for effective transition from hogging to holding
  • Inlet water spray nozzle – to reduce the condensable load to the vacuum pump
  • Interstage air bleed – to reduce cavitation when operating at pressure close to the seal water vapour pressure
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger with large diameter stainless steel tubes – maintaining efficiency by minimising fouling and corrosion
  • Plate type heat exchanger option with titanium plates – for use with seawater cooled applications
  • Seal water recirculation pump – to optimise seal water flow rate
  • Skid mounted junction



  • Petrochemical: vacuum distillation, vapour recovery
  • Chemical: distillation, Evaporation, filtration, polymerisation, deoderisation, polymerisation
  • Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical: filter drying, degassing, crystallisation, conveying
  • Power generation: condenser air extraction, deaeration, Waterbox priming, ash handling, filtration
  • Offshore: seawater deaeration, MEG recovery, drilling mud recovery
  • Food processing: crystallisation, evaporation, filtration, freeze drying


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