As a leader in vacuum technology, Edwards has developed a portfolio of products to meet the demanding applications in process industries. HR Series includes EHR and SHR models, these are two stage construction for peak performance at low suction pressures below 150 mbara. Pump capacities up to 40,000 m3h-1 are available in one stage and 7,500 m3h-1 in two stage models.


Click here to download the PDF file: Liquid Ring Pumps

HR 2StageLRP SHR21850

Features and Benefits

  • Simplex design with dedicated seal water circuit
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Inlet water spray for inlet volume reduction
  • Inter-stage anti cavitation device
  • Recirculation pump to facilitate optimum seal water flow rate
  • Level control with multiple set points
  • Pump discharge temperature switch to detect operational problems
  • Discharge air flow measuring flow meter
  • Shell & tube heat exchanger with stainless steel tubes
  • Option for plate type heat exchanger as alternative to shell & tube type


  • Petrochemical: vacuum distillation, vapour recovery
  • Chemical: distillation, Evaporation, filtration, polymerisation, deoderisation, polymerisation
  • Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical: filter drying, degassing, crystallisation, conveying
  • Power Generation: condenser air extraction, deaeration, Waterbox priming, ash handling, filtration
  • Offshore: seawater deaeration, MEG recovery, drilling mud recovery
  • Food Processing: crystallisation, evaporation, filtration, freeze drying


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