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Establishment of the company and clarification of core business assumptions

Establishment of the company and clarification of the main assumptions of the activity - development of the service and maintenance of heating systems, conducting research and organizing the implementation of their results for industrial applications. We have focused our attention on various aspects of rationalizing the generation, storage and utilization of both electrical and thermal energy.

Establishment of a consortium of companies

In order to meet the interests of Polish and foreign research centers with the offer of Polish industry in the field of research equipment and advanced technologies, in 2011, on the initiative of Frako-Term, a consortium of over twenty companies from all over Poland presented a joint offer for these centers.

A series of meetings with ZIBJ in Dubna

On 14-17 November a series of meetings of Consortium representatives led by Frako-Term took place, with representatives of the Directorate of the United Nations Institute for Nuclear Research (ZIBJ) in Dubna. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss details of the participation of Polish companies associated in the Consortium in the execution and delivery of apparatus for the NICA program implemented by ZIBJ.

Participation in the 16th International Fair of Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering ENEX

On February 26-28, our company participated in the 16th International Fair of Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering ENEX. Direct contact with investors allowed us to get to know the specifics of their needs exactly as well as to present our ideas and solutions. The conferences and meetings organized by the Fair also provided an excellent opportunity to promote innovative technologies. We have marked our presence here through jointly with the Institute of Electrical Engineering in Warsaw, preparing and presenting the paper: Local development of e-mobility on the example of health resorts (as part of the seminar: "e-mobile communities and cities").

Extend the offer for multilayer insulation

Extend the offer for multilayer insulation.

Participation in the International Fair of Renewable Energy Greenpower 2015 in Poznan

On May 26-28, we participated in the International Renewable Energy Show Greenpower 2015 in Poznań, where we were exhibiting among companies offering equipment and solutions related to the use of renewable energy sources.

Participation in the International LPG CNG LNG Gas Fair 2015

On June 11-14, together with our business partner Forstar, we participated in the 7th edition of the International LPG CNG LNG Gas Turkey 2015. It was an ideal opportunity to share experiences and inspire us to introduce more innovative solutions.

Work on superconductor current limiting (NOPZ)

We are working on creating a prototype of a superconductor short circuit current limiter (NOPZ), implemented within GEKON. Its use increases the allowable short-circuit power at the point of connection of new generation sources, including renewable energy sources, which in turn will allow better use of existing network infrastructure.

We are working on the construction of superconducting energy storage with an electronic power interface

Within the framework of the PBS program, we are working on the construction of a superconducting energy storage device with an electroenergetic power interface for distribution network applications, especially in power systems with a high share of renewable energy sources. The innovation of the venture is in the use of a magnetic coil built from a low temperature superconductor. The essential feature of the physical model will be its full scale of 1: 1 and the energy content stored in the module is equal to 36 MJ, with the assumed average power of 0.25 MW.

Participation in the International Trade Fair Cryogen-Expo IndustrialGases in Moscow

On October 27-29, we participated in the 14th edition of the Cryogen-Expo IndustrialGases International Fair in Moscow, where we had the opportunity to share with our visitors the experience and knowledge of our specialization - cryogenic vacuum insulation

Extend our business, introduce new products

The extension of the company, the introduction of new products.


The IX International Conference for Professionals and Young Scientists “Low Temperature Physics” was held on 4-8 June in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This event is organized annually by B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering. The conference dealt with theoretical and experimental physics at low temperatures, including solid state physics, nanophysics, biophysics and materials science. Conference participants, professionals from 17 countries around the world, shared results of their research studies and experiments. Frako-Term is proud to be one of the main sponsors of the conference. The meeting with specialists from around the world gave our company great opportunity to present our cryogenic offer and establish valuable business contacts.