kriostat bardzo nisko temperaturowy

This cryostat takes GM Cryocooler as its cold source and uses JT Throttling technology and Evacuation decompression technique. It can realize <1.5K ultra-low temperaturę and have a little helium consumption and short cooling down time features.


Typical applications:

  • Cryogenic optical test
  • Cryogenic materials property test
  • Cryogenic detector
  • MRI magnet


Limited temperature

< 1.5K

Temperature fluctuation

± 5mK

Helium consumption


Number of sample lead

16 pin (optional)               

Refrigeration capacity

20mW / 1.5K

Continous working time



GM cryocooler

1 set


Helium Compressor

1 set

20A*20m Flexible Gas Line

2 sets

Temperature control unit

1 set

Stainless steel vacuum hood                    

1 set

Copper radiation shield

1 set

Sample connection plug

1 set (16 pin lead)                                       

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