IMG 060432Cryogenic technologies quickly find new applications in science and industry. Cryostats, as devices that allow to maintain temperatures close to absolute zero, create new opportunities for medicine, Energy and electronics. Low temperatures are used by scientists around the world for space exploration and physical and chemical phenomena.

Frako – Term company has been exploring cryogenic and vacuum technologies in its superconducting research and has developed a number of solutions that allow you to navigate within the 1.5K – 300K. Our offer includes constructions of our project and our trading partners.

Each cryostat is designed to meet the individual needs of the customer.

We design and execute:


  • Liquid Helium / Liquid Nitrogen cryostats
  • Cryostats made of stainless steel, aluminium and cooper cooled by cryocoolers
  • Cryogenic temperature sensors operating in range of 3.8 – 300K
  • Radiation shields made of aluminium and cooper



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Catalog - commercial offer

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